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  • Im getting a BBL, Will the faja compress my butt?"
    No it will not. There's a special stretch material used at the butt/Hip area to prevent compression.
  • Can I wear a faja if I haven't had surgery and don't plan to?
    Yes! Our fajas are for both Surgical and Non-Surgical. You can definitely still use our garments and see great results. Also, our garments are for after giving birth to help shape your body back to a nice and tight state.
  • I had surgery years ago! Is it too late to wear a faja?
    No! It is never to late to train your body. I suggest getting a stage 3 Maximum compression garment for maximum results.
  • How long do you wear your faja?
    You can wear your faja as long as you want throughout the day. You can even sleep in them! The longer you wear your garment the better the results. Remember, the key to a successful flat abdomen is Kompression. ​
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